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New Rules come into force on 31st January 2013 that are intended to reduce the amount of information that applicants are asked provide with planning applications in England

 The new rules will have an impact on ‘outline’ planning applications in particular.  Applicants will no longer be required to provide information on layout and scale of the proposed development with ‘outline’ applications where these details are reserved for determination at a later date through a separate ‘reserved matters’ application.

 This should make ‘outline’ applications easier and therefore cheaper to prepare.  Current rules require applications in which the layout is a reserved matter to state the approximate location of buildings, routes and open spaces.  Where the scale is a reserved matter, the application must state the upper and lower limit for the height, width and length of each building.  Whilst such requirements are now set aside, there will undoubtedly be a ‘bedding-in’ period where local planning authorities seek supporting information that is no longer strictly required.  It will be for us as your planning consultant to argue the case with the local planning authority as to why you need not provide them with such additional information that they may otherwise require you to submit.

 Associated with the relaxation of information requirements for ‘outline’ applications, the Government have made clear that they expect local planning authorities to keep their ‘local list’ of information requirements for planning applications under regular review and that they should seek to reduce rather than increase such requirements.  With this in mind, the new rules state that for any planning application submitted after 30th June 2013, the ‘local list’ only apply to a specific application if the list has been published within two years prior to the date of the planning application.


If you would like to discuss what information and level of detail you should be submitting for your planning application we offer free consultations and will always let you know what we think your prospects of success are, good or bad.



Almost 170 additional jobs could be created with a new production building at the site of NiFCO on Durham Lane, Stockton on Tees. The company built their first factory on site in 2012 and Prism was proud to be the planning consultants that got their permission through the system. Together with the architects Lister Associates and the contractors, Tolent, the building was operational within a record timescale. Just a short time on from starting on Durham Lane, the company order book is full, ahead of its most optimistic expectations and Prism have once again been requested to help get permission for a new building to extend capacity at the site. Crucially for the local economy almost 170 new jobs will hopefully be created on the back of the expansion plans –welcome news in a still depressed economy. The application rests with Stockton Borough Council and a decision is expected shortly into the plans. Its been great to team up again with the same professionals who worked together last time around and we hope that we will be able to surprise everyone with the speed of this scheme being operational as well.