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Prism Planning is celebrating after permission was granted for a Children’s Outdoor Activity Centre to supplement the recently approved children’s nursery at Upperthorpe, Darlington.

The centre is a cosy log cabin and is set to be Darlington’s first ‘gingerbread house’, using architecture which gives the building a pleasing picturesque feel to create a refreshing learning environment for the children and to help stimulate their imaginary play. It’s a secure facility behind the fenced play area that currently protects the children.

Upperthorpe Nursery is one of Darlington’s newest nursery’s offering care for up to 98 children between the ages of 3 months to 11 years old and operates for 24 hours a day. It offers a flexible approach to child care to cater for working professionals and modern needs. It also caters for a range of disabilities is fully accessible. It can even cope with children when they have the normal ‘off days’ and normal tummy bugs that some nurseries cannot accommodate.  Located in Darlington’s West End Conservation Area, the nursery features an updated 1850s building close to the Darlington Memorial Hospital. More information can be found at

The play cabin will offer a range of social and recreational facilities for the nursery. This will complement the nursery and does not compromise the careful design for the safety and security of children.

Getting permission for a log cabin like this is one of the more unusual applications for Prism Planning . It simply broadens the depth of our experience in dealing with unique planning applications. If you think your development could benefit from our expertise please contact us for an informal conversation.