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A farmer is celebrating success by working with Prism following a successful application for converting a barn which had a strange twist at the end. Earlier this year the government introduced new rights to convert barns to dwellings without needing planning permission, subject to certain constraints and limitations. One of these concerned the need to formally undertake a consultation process with the LPA. In theory this allowed the Authority to say no in very exceptional circumstances, but only if they did so within a prescribed time limit. These rights have not been welcomed by many planning authorities, causing the Government to have to issue new guidance encouraging authorities to stop blocking acceptable proposals so frequently. In our client’s case, the LPA tried to block the proposals simply because they considered the proposed garden area too large but failed to issue their notice within the prescribed period. Following further representations by Prism the LPA concerned now accept their ‘refusal’ was ill founded and more importantly was issued out of time in any event, meaning the farmer is able to proceed with his scheme as he wished. The name of the unfortunate Planning Authority will not be published to save embarrassed faces! Anyone considering the conversion of an agricultural building should consider the benefit of specialist advice from companies such as Prism who have a clear track record of success in this specialist area.
Prism represented a client this week on a site with a rather chequered history with a number of applications and appeals refused. The scheme involved conversion of outbuildings to a dwelling in an unusually large back garden. Given the history, officers were not supportive! The client was understandably dubious of his success going into the Planning Committee as there was opposition from the officers based on precedence. The client had already begun some of the work on the site, arguing he was justly entitled to build an annexe without the necessary planning permission. The case went to a committee meeting and Prism were given the opportunity to speak on behalf of their client and present his argument. Due to the contentious nature of the application this was not an easy task and was met with questions, and a subsequent debate. After consideration, the application was granted approval by a narrow but most welcome margin. This slightly surprising result was a victory for both Prism and their client who after a long time is able to start to build his home. The task of convincing people of the merit of the application was not an easy one, therefore this win was a surprising but extremely exciting win for Prism and a testament to the value of having a logical, well-presented argument.
There is a new, ambitious project coming to Middleborough! A proposal for a Snow Dome in Middlehaven has been put forward by Cool Runnings North East Ltd to create a large, exciting snow and leisure centre. The Snow Dome will include restaurants, cafes, a trampoline park and indoor sky dive centre, to name just a few amazing facilities for the area. Something new for the North East! This exciting new project will be ready for public consultation on Thursday 6th August and Prism Planning is proud and excited to announce their involvement with the proposed application and are keen to meet those with an interest in the proposal at the consultation. The proposal is an ambitious one with a great number of positive outcomes for all involved and Prism are delighted to be involved in a project which can offer so much in terms of benefits. Prism and their team of highly qualified Planners will be heavily involved as the project moves forward and will keep all those interested in the project informed as it progresses. The project will cost around £30 million and will be a huge boost for the economy of Middleborough, therefore Prism Planning are excited and eager to press on with the project. The project will help with employment prospects in the area and attract new tourism. The Snow Dome will be a great attraction to both Middleborough and the North East as a whole. A Snow Dome and the proposed facilities that will complement the ski slopes are an exciting new area of leisure. Keep watching our website for updates on this exciting new project. Anyone wishing to attend the public consultation event can come along to MIMA, Centre Square, The Mall, Middlesbrough, TS1 2AZ between 12noon and 7pm on Thursday 6th August. Alternatively, comments can be made by visiting