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Appeal Win for New Bungalow Outside of Settlement Limits

A Planning Inspector has issued a key appeal decision supporting our arguments that a Council policy, restricting development outside village limits was both out of date and had been mis-applied. Allowing an appeal submitted by Prism for a single bungalow, a Planning Inspector recognised that even single dwellings made an important contribution to overall housing numbers and the Council were wrong to dismiss the development as being of no consequence to their housing shortfall. The Inspector also agreed with Prism’s arguments that the Council were wrong to describe the site as being in the open countryside, just because it was technically outside the limits to development drafted by the Council many years ago. He also accepted Prism’s arguments that the character of the site meant that a bungalow would not appear intrusive as a form of development. The appeal was an important win for Prism and has established some key principles that will hopefully adjust the way in which new development is thought of. At a time when the Government are still placing a great deal of emphasis upon building more homes, it is reassuring to see well supported and argued cases getting through the system, even if they do have to go to appeal.