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The Housing and Planning Bill Seminar

Prism would like to thank all attendees and organisers for joining us at the offices of TBI Law Firm for the Housing and Planning Bill seminar. It was a maximum capacity turnout with a mix of professionals from ecologists to developers and estate agents. We introduced planning aspects of the emerging bill, discussing the main provisions and took questions.

The concept of starter homes was discussed. Starter homes will be discounted at 20% of market value, restrictions such as being only for first time buyers under 40 will apply. It is clear that the bill aims to boost the supply of housing in England, however the impacts on established affordable housing types looks far from certain. There will also be a new statutory duty for LPAs to promote delivery of starter homes.

Another of the key parts of the Bill will be new measures to be established under the heading of Planning in England. These give new powers to allow the Secretary of State (SOS) to override EIP planning inspectors and also allow selective focus on parts of the EIP process. Should the SOS be dissatisfied with the progress of a LPA local plan they could intervene, details of which will be introduced in secondary legislation.

The Bill also proposes Permission In Principle (PIP). This is proposed to be an automatic consent which grants permissions on brown field land, these would be listed in a register or local plan. The PIP system could be different to the way that existing outline applications presently work.

Should the bill be passed there will need to be secondary legislation passed for further details on how the bill will be interpreted. We hope to provide a further update when the Bill likely progresses or should any serious revisions take place.