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Since our inception in 2008, Prism Planning has become established as a leading Town Planning consultancy with a reputation for solving all manner of planning and development problems. Of course, being town planners does not prevent us from getting involved in all forms of rural planning.

Our experience in this sector includes advising on small projects for private individuals in town and in the countryside right through to multi-million pound projects requiring full Environmental Assessment, including; industry & warehousing, commerce & retail and large scale housing schemes.

Prism can also help people understand and object to unwelcome planning proposals which land on their doorsteps. The UK planning system has a language all of its own and often confusing rules on what can and cannot be raised to object to an application. It’s hard to make an impact if you don’t know the ground rules.

The team understand that engaging a planning consultant can seem a daunting and expensive exercise. Prism use straightforward language and tailor their fees to suit the requirements of the project. You will always be in charge of what you spend and set the limits on the team’s involvement. With Prism, you won’t receive a bill you’re not expecting.


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