Barn and Garage conversion into dwellings


Prism succeeded in a planning appeal to convert two structures within the curtilage of a dwelling into houses. A key factor were that the building was listed and with this the curtilage by extension. The second key factor was that the site was in a village close to a town and whilst the village was not sustainable the town was within a short commute by foot with lit foot ways.

In response we discussed design with the architect and the resultant design was heritage led. We also submitted a Heritage Impact Assessment resulting in no issues from the council.

The sustainability was tackled by carrying out an assessment of distances to services based on guidance of walking distances. This was seen by the Inspector as robust evidence in proving that the site was a sustainable location. As a consequence the proposals were found acceptable at appeal and the appeal was allowed.

Ingleby Barwick - 200 Homes


Another housing application but one where the appeal was the key area of work for Prism. We had worked on the outline application which was outside of development limits and close to a Council designated green wedge. 

A key factor of the application and a reason for refusal was the alleged impact on the green wedge which was not clearly defined by the Council.

Given the scale of the development and issues we organised a Public Inquiry where we had commissioned a planning solicitor on behalf of the Client. 

At the inquiry Prism were successful proving that the green wedge was not significantly impacted by the proposals. It was also recognised that the housing would bring a useful increase to the housing supply. As a consequence Prism won the appeal.