Equestrian Workers Dwelling Stockton



An application was made for a workers dwelling in Stockton to support a farm which had diversified into an Equestrian Centre.


Prism is familiar with the unique approach and evidence required to gain permission for a workers dwelling. This is a typical example which was outside of the development limits, however it also had the added complication of being partially related to a separate farming business.

In this instance the farm and Equestrian Centre were supported by an existing house but the applicant who occupied the house was seeking to step back from the business and retire. We successfully argued a second building in there circumstances was acceptable.

Furthermore the application argued that there was a functional need for a workers dwelling, limited availability for an alternative dwelling and a need for a full time worker. The application was also supported by a business plan. The application was granted. 

Equestrian Workers Dwelling Stockton



An application was made for an equestrian workers dwelling in Hartlepool at an existing equestrian centre. The present dwelling at the site is home to the applicants, however following an injury they had been forced into early retirement. The dwelling was also located in a remote location away from services.

As with other applications the submitted Planning Statement covered the issues of a functional need and need for a full time worker. Prism used its experience of calculating labour hours and working with accountants to achieve this.

However the LPA felt that the presence of the first dwelling meant the enterprise was served by a dwelling which provides a suitable alternative to building a second unit. We challenged this at appeal and the council countered that an annex or extension could be appropriate. 

The inspector found that the Client could stay at the property if desired and consequently that the existing dwelling would not be serving the business. In light of this the appeal was allowed.

Resubmisson of Equestrian Workers Dwelling, taking over a case in Durham



We also take over projects when difficult technicalities have led to a refusal. In this case the applicant had applied for a dwelling without realising the complications of the planning system. We meet with the Client and discussed how we would make the application and viewed the site.

We made arguments for the principle of the development and that it should be accepted showing that despite being outside of development limits the proposals were an exception that should be allowed.

We then followed up with the key considerations including being on site for ill horses and showing how the business could support a full time worker.

There were issues with connecting to an existing foul sewage container at the site and Prisms experience of drainage meant the matter was quickly resolved. We also supported our client by getting the Council to quickly agree to a last minute change of building materials. The application was granted.